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With support from people like you, we have made monumental strides towards equipping scholars with the knowledge to obtain the maximum amount of scholarship dollars. We have helped over 100 students successfully obtain scholarships amounting to over $100,000--three of which have been enough to fund their entire undergraduate degree! Dollars for Scholars Foundation is made possible by generous individuals, volunteers, private foundations and corporations like you. Will you choose to empower scholars to overcome the financial burden of post-secondary education and build stronger communities?  


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Ways to Help


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"I'm happy to express a huge amount of gratitude to Mr.McAurthur and the DSF Team. With their help, I was awarded several scholarships: The Catherine and Michael Slater, Margaret Ann Knox, and the Ernestine Lenior Charitable Scholarship totaling to $45,000 and allowing me to attend college for free as long as I maintain a overall 3.0 GPA"

-Contravious Blanks
(2021 High School Graduate)
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