The Early Bird Gets the Dough?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FASFA is how it is determined if and how much money you get from the government via grants, loans, etc. Most secondary institutions and scholarship applications use FASFA to determine how much aid they will award to you also.

FASFA Opens from October 1st to June 30.

You may be thinking "Ohhhh thats PLENTY of time"

Well, yes...and no. That is a giant window of time. But, there is a massive amount of need and a limited amount of aid that can be offered. So, it's in your best interest to gon' head and take care of that! The earlier that you submit your FASFA the better the chances you have to get the money you need for school. Positives to waiting....nonexistent. I understand that it can be a tedious and sometimes difficult process ,but waiting won't make it any easier. If you are waiting because you need help, review this link ( then GET STARTED!

If you haven't submitted your FASFA because of good ol' procrastination, remember the early bird gets the dough.

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