How do I Write a Winning Essay?

This video discusses personal statements in regards to applying for colleges. However, there are tips included that can help when applying for scholarships. Give it a try, two minutes is all it takes.

How do I END an Essay?

Ending your essay can often seem like the hardest part. Well, below are some sentence starters and advice to effectively end your essay: When I did __ it demonstrated __ about me, which will affect me in college because__. This experience will impact my college decisions because____. Being/Doing ____ has taught me ____. I am the kind of college student who will ___. I will take what I learned from _____ to the university by ___. This has inspired me to ___ while in college. Whether it be researching ___, participating in ___, or ____ I will continue to ___ in college. *I’d choose two of these options for your final paragraph. Be as specific as possible. Confidently envision what you will con

Am I too LATE to start applying for Scholarships?

NO!!!! It is never to late to start applying. Scholarships out there for STUDENTS. Jr.High, High School, Under Grad, Grad, whatever, If you are a "student" there are scholarships out there waiting for you! To find a list of scholarships that apply to you, Click below

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