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The Dollars for Scholars Foundation exists to instruct and guide students towards overcoming the financial burden of post-secondary education by providing current tools, resources, services, and overall knowledge to find, apply, and earn scholarships, grants, and fellowships.

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The Dollars for Scholars began in 2017, when one of Mr. McAurthur's closest friends joined the 51% of the undergraduate population who drop out due to financial hardships. Mr. McAurthur decided that enough was enough. He funded his entire undergraduate education on scholarships and wanted to create an opportunity for others to do the same. Thus, Dollars for Scholars Foundation was born.

What we do

We are a scholarship hub dedicated to guiding every willing student to scholarship prosperity by:

1. Hosting Workshops

    - Essay Writing

    - Resumes

    - Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships Search

    - Financial Literacy

2. Providing One-on-One Assistance

3. Hosting Scholarship Bootcamps

4. Doing Scholarship Giveaways & MORE!

Services Provided

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ScholarDollar Search

Personalized Listings 

Having trouble finding scholarships, grants, internships, or fellowships that match your major or organization? Let our trained professionals find what YOU qualify for. 


ScholarDollar One-on-One

  • Essay Assistance/Review

  • Resume Assistance/Review

  • Scholarship Assistance

  • FASFA/Financial Aid Questions

  • Grant Proposal Writing



ScholarDollar Workshop 

Presentations Presented on:

  • Essay Writing 

  • Resumes

  • Scholarships: How, When, and Where

  • Scholarship, Grant, Fellowship Search

  • Financial Literacy

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